Inode Usage

An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting account. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have. This includes everything on your account, emails, files, folders, anything you store on the server.

What is the 125k/150k inode limit?

There is currently an limit of 125k/150k inodes on our shared accounts.

What is the 125k/150k inode limit?

Shared and Reseller servers only allow 125,000 inodes per cPanel. This is a "soft limit," and when this limit is reached you will still be able to upload files.

However, once the account passes the 125,000 inode threshold it will no longer be included in our weekly backups. If the account exceeds 150,000 inodes then it will be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and may be flagged for review and/or suspension.

Inode violations can include:

  • Creation and deletion of large numbers of files on a regular basis.
  • Causing file system damage.
  • Exceeding 150,000 inodes.
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